THK LM Guide SR20V2+940mm Linear Bearing

For usage in DEK 265

Model Number :SR20v2uuc1+940L

Manufacturer: THK
Country Of Origin : Japan
Quantity: 1SET (2Rail, 4Blocks)
LM Guide Type : Ball Type
Main Size (Metric) :

  • Height (Rail Combination with Block) = 28mm
  • Width (Block width) = 42mm
  • Width (Rail width) = 20mm
  • Block upper surface fastening dimension = 32mm
  • Rail hole pitch : 60mm
  • Rail hole size : Use M5 bolt

Length of track rail : 940mm
G value (A distance of the rail that end of the rail to the first hole) :  G: 20mm , 20mm
Pitch of rail : 20 + (60 X 15times) + 20

FixTrade P/N: 100008

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